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The technical progression and fashion fusion that define 686 are a reflection of the life experience of Mike Akira West, the founder and creative visionary of the brand. 686 has been independently owned and operated from the beginning, and Mike West is still sitting at the helm as the CEO and creative mastermind. By choosing to not sell out, 686 is able to pursue a creative and technical vision without answering to the demands of shareholders and corporate suits. This freedom has allowed for progressive fashion.

Capita Snowboards

Capita represents youth, passion, progression, style, dedication and durable, reliable product. It’s a hard job pushing progression boundries, but Capita does this better than anyone else. Former Burton rider Jason Brown and Blue Montgomery founded Capita Super Scary Corporation in 2000 with the intention of turning the snowboard manufacturing world on its heels. They succeeded in doing so by creating an incredibly versatile line of snowboards that are multi award winning and at the cutting edhg of freestlye riding.


The Coal story starts back in the cold winter of ’97 with a little knit beanie – former pro-snowboarder Brad Scheuffele’s handmade gift from his girlfriend. 5 years later, Schueffele found help from his industry and friends to recreate the perfection of that hat for other people, and in ’02 the Coal brand entered into our shops. Fuelled by the fact that existing headwear is often approached as no more than an accessory, Coal realises that no single piece of clothing can express your individuality like a hat or a beanie.

Crab Grab

Crab Grab is our latest addition to the family at The Riders Lounge!

They are a small family brand that makes traction and grip for snowboards – hoping to inspire snowboarders worldwide to make “every grab count” and to put an end to foot-slippage forever!

The team at Crab Grab produce limited runs of each product – so get ‘em whilst they’re hot!


Sometimes you need to look at problems from a different perspective, for example, from your feet. At the end of the day your feet should choose the boot and your feet should do all the talking. That’s why Deeluxe combine their experience as traditional shoemakers, knowledge of orthopedic science, high tec innovation from their own development lab and feedback from a world class team, to build the best boots EVER. FULL STOP.

Union Binding Co

The Union Binding Company is an independent brand founded on supplying snowboarders with the best bindings on the planet. Product has always come first, and we build it for snowboarders who thrash their gear and expect it to survive. Now in year 11 of producing bindings that are used by some of the best riders in the world like, Gigi Ruf, Danny Kass, Scott Steven and Dan Brisse.


Sandbox began in Vancouver BC as a snowboard film company, grown out of the legendary ‘Skids’ crew of Kevin Sansalone and friends. Since 2004 they have been bringing the freshest helmet designs to riders everywhere, and have the magic length of the peak patented. Not too long, not too short. Sandbox wake and skate line has continued to grow alongside the snowlike and they have also added a range of googles.